Fallout 76 Statue


So there won’t be any NPCs (Non-Player characters) in Fallout 76 when it’s released November 14, 2018. This is definitely something that is very foreign to the Fallout world. Which happens to be one of the most successful single player games of all time. Now the Fallout world will also be online only which is also a first for the franchise. This definitely caught a lot of people by surprise and disappointed some, at least temporarily. We were told you would have the option to play by yourself if you wanted or you could go all out with online teammates. The fact that you can play it alone changed the minds of some people who were fearing the worst and having their own personal nuclear meltdowns.

So how many people will I run into?

The map in Fallout 76 is going to be 4x larger than the Fallout 4 universe which sounds nice but how often and how many people will you have to deal with? We now have that answer thanks to the “The Making of Fallout 76” by Noclip. In this documentary Jeff Gardiner (Project Lead) states that a server will hold around 24-32 players. The players will be visible via the paper map in Fallout 76. Now what you do with the other players is completely up to you. You can join up and work on questing together or you can be a lone survivor. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how players deal with each other in this game especially with the introduction on usable nukes.

I know here at nerdivation.com we are really excited to experience the wasteland in an online multiplayer format. Should be interesting to say the least.