Cursed Sails update to bring alliances

When the Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails update is released July 31st it will bring with it alliances. Rare talked a little bit about how this will work on their website yesterday. Ghost ships will now be haunting the seas looking to attack, so teaming up will be a matter of survival.

How alliances will work

A new triangular flag will be added to sail from the crows nest. This new flag will let other ships know that you are willing to team up as an alliance. If accepted, you and your alliance crews will fly matching alliance pennants. This alliance feature will allow crews to share voyages and rewards with each other. Sailing the seas with a matching armada sounds like a pretty cool addition. Alliance members will also be able to place voyages on each others ships.

Pirate Legend Fairies

The developers stated that the idea came about from what they call “Pirate Legend Fairies”. Players who earned the Pirate Legend titles liked to join other crews to share their Pirate Legend voyages with other players so that they too could work up through the pirate ranks to become legends themselves.

We truly are excited for the newest Cursed Sails update and can’t wait to sail the seas with our newly formed alliances.